Profile of the City of Temecula

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The purpose of this report is to provide current information and data for the City of Temecula for planning and outreach efforts. Information on population, housing, transportation, employment, retail sales, and education can be utilized by the city to make informed planning decisions. The profile provides a portrait of the city and its changes since 2000, using average figures for Riverside County as a comparative baseline.

Business Facts:



Covering 37.18 square miles, Temecula is centrally located along the I-15/I-215 freeway corridor in Southwest California, just north of the San Diego County line.

85 miles southeast of Los Angeles
60 miles north of San Diego
61 miles southeast of Orange County


2000 to 2012 Population Growth (%) 54.05% increase
2012 to 2017 Population Growth (%) 12.13% increase
2011 Census Estimated Population for Riverside County  2.24 million
2010 Census Estimated Growth for past 10 years in Riverside County 41.7%



Temecula's weather is comparable to the Napa Valley, as evidenced by a thriving wine industry, with warm, dry days and cool evenings.  Although separated from the Pacific by the Santa Rosa mountain range, the Rainbow Gap funnels the mild beach climate into the valley.

Average Daily Temperature mid 70s
Summer mid 80s to mid 90s
Winter mid 60s to mid 70s
Average Annual Rainfall 19 inches



Temecula residents have high discretionary incomes making the City an attractive location for retailers.  Over the past 10 years, Temecula's retail sector consistently outperformed statewide growth trends. 

2012 Est. Median Household Income $75,757
2012 Est. Average Household Income $89,115
2010 Est. Average Effective Buying Income $76,586
2010 Est. Median Effective Buying Income $66,335
Median Age (Years) 31.42
2012 Est. Household Size (People) 3.14
Largest Population Group (age) 45-54(15.55%)
Number Of Households 28,267

Source:  Claritas, July 2012

Taxable Sales

In FY 2010-2011, Temecula ranked #42 out of 538 CA cities in highest sales tax revenue (point of sale) with just over $24 million.