Temecula Municipal Code

Temecula's Municipal Code is stored on another server, and is updated by the Publishing Company that codifies the Ordinances. If you encounter any problems in using this link, please notify the webmaster.
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What is an Ordinance?
Ordinances are the laws of the Municipality (city). City Councils may pass Ordinances which become the City's Municipal Code. These Ordinances or laws may be passed by the City Council as long as they are not in conflict with federal or state laws.

An Ordinance is the most binding form of action taken by the City Council, and violations may be either a misdemeanor or an infraction depending upon the way the Ordinance is written.

What is a Resolution?
A Resolution constitutes a written action or decision. However, it does not demand the legal processing required of an Ordinance. A Resolution is generally introduced and adopted at the same meeting.

How is an Ordinance approved?
Approval of an Ordinance requires a first and second reading. With a few special exceptions, Ordinances take effect 30 days after they are adopted (at the second reading). Ordinances must be signed by the Mayor and attested by the City Clerk.