Complimentary Ticket Policy, Form CA 802

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Summary of Complimentary Ticket Policy:

See below for filed Form 802s.

The Policy provides the following:

  1. Council Members may receive two complimentary tickets for an event. One ticket must be used by the Council Member and the other by a spouse or dependent child. No more than two complimentary tickets can be received.

  2. The public and government purpose in distributing complimentary tickets to events is to enable Council Members and City officials to advertise and promote the City of Temecula, to monitor and evaluate the City venues and the quality of performances and to monitor and evaluate the value of the City-sponsored events to the City and their compliance with City policies, agreements and other requirements.

  3. The City Manager is authorized, under limited circumstances, to distribute complimentary tickets to: (1) a City employee; (2) non-profit community groups receiving or eligible for Community Services Funding; (3) persons participating in recreational, educational or cultural programs administered by the City; or (4) other lawful purposes.

  4. Each complimentary ticket or pass distributed must be reported on a new Form 802 established by the FPPC. The reporting requires disclosure of: (1) the number of tickets received; (2) the names of the City officials or organizations who received the complimentary tickets; (3) the date of the event; (4) the governmental or public purpose for the distribution of the tickets; and (5) the names of the donors of the tickets. The form is then posted on the City's website for easy access by members of the public. The Policy also needs to be prominently posted on the City's website

Filed California Form 802:

Form 802 (Tickets Provided by Agency Report)