Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement program works with residents, property owners, and business owners to mitigate and resolve negative impacts in the City of Temecula. Through voluntary compliance and cooperation, our Code Enforcement team works towards resolving negative conditions to ultimately make the City of Temecula an even better place to live.


Reporting a violation

There are 3 easy ways to report a possible code violation.

If you are uncertain that a code violation has occurred, feel free to contact us.

Temecula Municipal Code


Other Enforcement Agencies

Animal Control
Animal Friends of the Valleys (formally LEAF) 

Storm Water Drain Information
City of Temecula Public Works NPDES

Federal Aviation Administration
Investigates Low-flying aircraft complaints (including hot air balloons)    

Department of Environmental Health
Regulates retail food stores and food service establishments

California Division of Occupation Health and Safety (CAL/Osha Program)
Enforces California's occupational and public safety laws 

The Contractors State License Board
Regulates contractors and investigates complaints against contractors 

Fair Housing Council 
Investigates, mediates tenant/landlord rights and responsibilities  

Bureau of Automotive Repair
Regulates automotive repair facilities 


Investigating violations  

• Upon receiving a complaint, a code enforcement officer will inspect the site to confirm the alleged violations.
• The officer will contact the property owner to explain the problem and suggest solutions.
• The property owner is then given time to resolve the violation.
• While most property owners comply after the first notification, those who do not receive additional notices or citations.
• Problems are addressed in a confidential, friendly, and understanding way.

Additional Resources

Common Code Enforcement Violations