What is my Zoning?

Zoning Information

Zoning and General Plan Maps 
Click here to view a copy of the City's Zoning map.

Click here to view a copy of the City's Specific Plan map.

Click here to view a copy of the City's Planned Development Overlays map.

If you want to look up parcel specific zoning information you can access the City's zoning information by using our Geographic Information System (GIS) database tool:

If you are new to using the GIS database tool please click here for a tutorial.


Once you have determined your zoning please click here for information on land use, development standard regulations and access to the Development Code.

Specific Plan and Planned Development Overlay Zoning Information
If the zoning map is showing that your property is zoned "Specific Plan" (SP) please click here for more information.

If the zoning map is showing that your property is zoned "Planned Development Overlay" (PDO) click here for more information.