Development Activity

Baily’s Restaurant

Casual Dining, Fine Dining, Class A construction.  Baily’s is one of the regions finest eating establishments.  The restaurant has a casual dining area on the bottom floor and fine dining on the upper floor.  A main reason as to why Baily’s relocated to Old Town Temecula was the construction of the Old Town Temecula Community Theater.

Penny Dome

The Penny Dome Building is a Class A two story structure with a red brick façade, European inspired balconies and a beautiful shining copper dome adorning its roof.  The Penny Dome was designed and currently functions as a professional office building.

Dalton I

The Dalton I building is the first of three Dalton building being constructed along the north side of Fifth Street.  Dalton I is a Class office building with a strong clay brick façade along with detailed architectural design.  The Dalton I building offers retail and professional services on its first floor with the second and third floors serving as professional office space.

Dalton II

(Dalton II Image)

The Dalton II building is the second of three Dalton buildings being constructed along the north side of Fifth Street. Dalton II is a Class A mixed-use structure that provides retail, professional, residential space. Dalton II along with Dalton III will provide an additional 46 affordable housing units in the Old Town Temecula District.

Penfold I

The Penfold building is a two-storied wood framed structure.  It was designed utilizing rustic western architecture to compliment the “old west” theme of Old Town Temecula.  The first floor presents retail with direct Old Town Front Street access while the second floor provides professional office space.  

Penfold II

The Penfold II building is the sister structure of the Penfold I.  Located directly adjacent to the Penfold I the Penfold II is a three-storied wood framed structure that was designed to provide retail, professional and restaurant space.  Retail space is located on the first floor, professional space on the first and second floors, with the third floor hosting a steakhouse restaurant that features a large terrace where patrons enjoy a view overlooking Old Town Front Street.

Chaparral Building (North Expansion)

The Chaparral building underwent an expansion that added commercial/retail/professional space to its north side.  The Chaparral building serves as a cornerstone structure at the north entrance to Old Town.