Temecula Alert Emergency Notification Systems

Temecula Alert is a program that uses several individual resources to advise the community of routine incidents and emergencies.  Temecula Alert uses mass notifications, traffic advisory notices, and emergency news and information systems to communicate during critical events.

Temecula Alert Programs

  • (951)506-5111 (Recorded Message)
  • Reverse 911 Phone Notifications (Landlines)
  • Reverse 911 Cellphone/VOIP Registration
  • Temecula Outreach E-Mail Notifications
  • AM 1610 Radio Station
  • TV Channel 3
  • City's Website (www.CityofTemecula.org)
  • Twitter (www.twitter.com/cityoftemecula)

Alert Program Descriptions

(951)506-5111 (Recorded Message) 
Calling (951)506-5111 will connect you to pre-recorded information and updates to long-term emergency events happening in Temecula and/or surrounding areas.  In the event of a substantial emergency, the Temecula Valley community can call to obtain information about road closures, evacuations and whether any public programs or operations may be affected.

Reverse 911 Phone Notifications
Reverse 911 is a communications tool that is used by the City of Temecula to deliver outbound phone notifications to it's communities and organizations affected by an emergency. It is so named, because 911 is the number used for members of the community/organizations to communicate with the police, where this system allows the police to do the "reverse", usually to inform the public of a known hazard.

Reverse 911 Cellphone/VOIP Registration
Verizon provides the City of Temecula with a directory of land line phone line subscribers.  However, cellphone and VOIP companies do not provide the City with subscriber information.  The City of Temecula has created a signup form that allows citizens to attach their cell phone number or VOIP number to their address to be notified by the above mentioned Reverse 911 system.  Click here to sign up.

Temecula Outreach E-Mail Notifications 
The City of Temecula frequently sends out information to the public through our Temecula Outreach Email "eSubscriptions."  This is a sign-up based subscription that users can opt-out of anytime.  In the event of an emergency, the City may send emergency information through our system to those signed up for the "General Interest - Keeping our Community In The Loop" category.  Click here to sign up.

AM 1610 Radio Station
The City of Temecula has finished the installation of an AM radio tower at the Temecula Public Library that has the power to reach every citizen in Temecula.  This station plays recorded messages that inform the public about emergencies in the area.

TV Channel 3
The City of Temecula operates Channel 3 on Time Warner and Verizon FiOS cable providers.  Channel 3 routinely displays video and slideshow content that informs the community about events and programs here in Temecula.  In the event of an emergency, regular scheduled programming will be interrupted with updates about the emergency that can include statements from City Council, Fire, Police, and city staff.  Click here for more Channel 3 information.

City's Website, www.CityofTemecula.org
The city's website provides the most updated information provided directly by Fire, Police, and city staff.  Information is linked from the home page making it easy to find emergency information online.  We only update the site with official information from Fire, Police and city staff.  Maps are also used to display information such as locations of the emergency, red cross shelters, and donation/first aid donation locations.