Capital Improvement Projects

The Capital Improvement Division provides administration of the city's 5 year capital improvement program (CIP). This division oversees the turnkey contract management operation of circulation, infrastructure, Community Services & Redevelopment Agency projects, from project initiation to contract closeout.

Staff is responsible for preparing Requests for Proposals to secure professional services for design and construction of public works and park projects. Staff also arranges for needed right-of-way acquisitions for CIP project construction, completes studies and designs in a timely manner, calculates accurate estimates, and manages the construction and thorough inspection of those projects.

This division of the Public Works Department also reviews and approves all consultant plans; conducts the public bidding process; coordinates with other City Departments, utility companies and government agencies; and performs construction inspection. The Master Planning and Conceptual Design of all City parks is directed through the Temecula Community Services District and transferred to the Capital Projects Program for preparation of the plans and specifications, and subsequent construction.

CIP Monthly Activity Report

October/November 2015

Prepared By: Amer Attar
Submitted by: Tom Garcia


Projects Under Construction

Special Needs Play Structure

The playground was opened to the public on February 25, 2015. Additional sign components are being considered.

Old Town Temecula Community Theater Remediation
Work was completed on 8/31/2015. Various clean up items and added work are ongoing.

Old Town Front Street Pavement and Storm Drain Rehabilitation
Construction to begin in late November, pending approval of traffic control plan. Various other submittals currently under review.

Pavement Rehabilitation Program - Rancho California Road
This project rehabilitated Rancho California Road from Jefferson Avenue to Ynez Road. Work is complete. Notice of Completion is pending.

Fire Station 73 Living Quarters Upgrade
On February 10, 2015 the City Council awarded a construction Contract to LDCO, Inc. in the amount of $1,265,710.00. Construction continues on building addition and electrical /mechanical infrastructure. Roofing is in progress.

Mary Phillips Senior Center Improvements
Construction will begin on 09/28/2015 and be completed on 10/11/2015. Additional extra work improvements within the existing bathrooms is to start on 11/17/2015 is expected to be completed in 2 weeks.

Projects Being Designed By Consultants

Murrieta Creek Bridge and Overland Drive Extension from Commerce Center to Diaz Rd

The project includes the extension of Overland Drive from Commerce Center Drive to Diaz Road with a bridge over Murrieta Creek. Preparation of the Preliminary Environmental Study (PES) is in process for submittal to Caltrans. A Request for Proposal (RFP) for bridge redesign and environmental studies/permitting is in process.

Western Bypass Bridge Over Murrieta Creek
This project involves the design, environmental clearance, and construction of a new bridge over Murrieta Creek at the westerly terminus of Western Bypass and an extension of Pujol Street to the new structure. Once constructed, this will serve as the southerly connection of the Western Bypass Corridor. The design of the project is a 100% complete. The Mitigated Negative Declaration was adopted. Construction is development driven, in conjunction with the Altair development.

Temecula Park and Ride (Temecula Parkway)
The Request for Authorization (RFA) to proceed with construction was submitted to Caltrans on 9/24/15, and remains under review. Advertising for construction bids will begin upon approval of the RFA by Caltrans.

I-15 / SR-79S Ultimate Interchange
Design Certification: Finalizing construction Plans, Specifications, and Estimate, and processing the Modified Access Report. Right of Way Certification: SCE relocation plans and utility agreement complete; replacement easement under review by City. RCWD and EMWD relocation plans are being prepared and utility agreements have been approved as to form; replacement easements under review by utilities.

Environmental Certification: Will start when plans and specifications reach 100% completion.

Pavement Rehabilitation Program - Winchester Road
This project will rehabilitate the portion of Winchester between Jefferson Avenue and Ynez Road. Caltrans has approved the plans and will issue the encroachment permit. Federal funding authorization and environmental documentation is complete. Preparing plans for a fourth quarter bid opening date.

French Valley Parkway / Interstate-15 OverCrossing and Interchange Improvements - Phase II
Working with Caltrans to develop a revised work plan and scope to address a project phasing adjustment.

Pavement Rehabilitation Program - Margarita Road
The project will be split into two phases due to the availability of funds. Staff is working on the Plans and Specifications to determine the portion of the street to be rehabilitated based on available funds. The project will be scheduled for a City Council meeting the first quarter of 2016 to approve the Plans and Specifications get authorization to bid the project.

Library Parking - Phase II
Design - 60% PS&E review complete. Consultant is reviewing plan check comments. Environmental - Review of preliminary technical studies is complete. The design of a photovoltaic system is being added to the project.

Flood Control Channel Reconstruction and Repair
Full working drawings are progressing. Environmental contract amendment was awarded by Council on 4/14/15. Progress is essentially stopped due to environmental constraints - awaiting clearance from California Fish & Wildlife for soil borings.

Sam Hicks Playground Enhancement
The Park & Recreation Subcommittee selected Nature Works as the final proponent for this project. The Design & Fabrication portion of the Purchase/Installation agreement was awarded by City Council on April 28, 2015. The Notice to Proceed with the design and fabrication was issued on 06/08/2015. Fabrication is progressing.

Murrieta Creek Improvements - South Side Parking Lot Reconfiguration
The South Side Parking Lot will be reconfigured to ensure that the parking spaces impacted by the Riverside County Flood Control acquisition for the Murrieta Creek Flood Control project are replaced. The consultant is working on the parking lot alternatives and preliminary plans.

Traffic Signal Installation - Redhawk Parkway/Vail Ranch Parkway at El Chimisal Road/Tehachapi Pass
The consultant is working on the design of the new traffic signal. 60% complete plans have been submitted for review by the City.

City Hall Exterior LED Lighting
RFP was electronically distributed on 09/11/2015. The mandatory pre-bid meeting was conducted on 09/18/2015 and had 19 participants. The deadline for submitting proposals was 10/01/2015 and the submittals are being reviewed.

Winchester Rd @ Roripaugh Ranch Rd Signal Modification
The consultant is working on the design of the traffic signal modifications plans.

Pavement Rehabilitation Program - Overland Drive
Plans and Specification are being worked on. City Council authorized staff to bid this project at the November 10, 2015 meeting.

Pavement Rehabilitation Program – Temecula Parkway (Bedford Court to Pechanga Parkway)
Final edits are being incorporated into plans and specifications - project will move to bidding phase shortly.

Ynez Road Sidewalk
Consultant has been selected and a PO is currently being processed. Design will start shortly.