T.R.I.P. Report

The purpose of the T.R.I.P. Report (Traffic Restrictions in Progress) is to advise citizens of conditions affecting traffic flow within the City.

The following information consists of general major construction zones that are known at this time, but may not be all inclusive. This update is in effect for the week of September 28, 2015.

The Low Flow Channel on Via Montezuma between Diaz Road and Del Rio is currently open.


California Edison
is installing conduit along the western loop of Business Park Drive. Traffic controls will be in place thru October 2nd.

Eastern Municipal Water District will be working in Old Town at the intersections of Old Town Front Street at 1st, 3rd, 4th and at the North Arch as part of their sewer main project.  Old Town Front Street will remain fully open to traffic with affected side streets accessible via two-way access or posted detours. 

The Murrieta Creek Restoration Project will be managed by the Army Corps of Engineers who will be hauling material from the creek at Felix Valdez and 6th Street to Cherry Street off of Jefferson.  Motorists are advised to be cautious of trucking operations.  

Terracina Development began sewer construction the week of August 24th on Deer Hollow at the intersection of Peach Tree, working eastward to the city limits.  The construction will be limited to the hours of 8AM to 2PM.  Traffic signals will be placed on flashing red during construction operations.

*There are always some unscheduled street and utility repairs that occur day and night.  Please drive safely thru all delineated construction zones.