Murrieta Creek Flood Control Project

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Project Summary:

  • Design-level digital topographic mapping has been compiled for the entire 7-mile length of the project.
  • The project provides a riparian habitat corridor throughout the length of the project, which will promote species movement and provide connectivity to existing wildlife preserves.
  • It significantly enlarges the open space corridor and provides esthetic benefits.
  • It provides for equestrian and hiking/biking trails with connections to the active recreation site at the detention basin and to "pocket parks" along the length of the channel project.
  • It improves water quality through the creation of an extensive natural wetlands system that can efficiently remove contaminants from stream flows destined for Camp Pendleton's aquifer.
  • The Cities of Temecula and Murrieta continue to be actively engaged in both the design and funding issues related to the project.
  • The detention basin(250 acres) attenuates flood flows from the over 150 square mile watershed.
    • It includes:
      • Creation of over 160 acres of wildlife habitat (wetland and riparian)
      • Development of a 50 acre regional sports park
      • Reduces downstream flood flow peaks and captures sediment, benefiting the overall water quality of the watershed and Camp Pendleton.
      • Creates a regional sports park within the detention basin to include several soccer fields, baseball/softball fields, a tot playground, comfort stations and picnic areas in cooperation with the Cities of Temecula and Murrieta.