Vail Ranch

In 1905 Arizona cattle baron, Walter Vail, purchased four Ranchos totaling 87,500 acres. The headquarters of his ranch was located along Temecula Creek in an area that is now bordered by Temecula Parkway. The area Vail selected to headquarter his operations has a history dating back to 1844.

Pablo Apis purchased an area of land in 1844 along the Emigrant trail located along Temecula Creek. In 1860, a trading post was established by an entrepreneur from Germany, Louis Wolf. Wolf’s Store became the center of the community equipped with a general store, stables, a hotel, post office, and school. These same buildings are where Vail selected to headquarter his ranch.

Wolf Store, Image By Darell Farnbach 1999Wolf Store –
The Wolf Store remains the oldest standing adobe in Temecula. It has served many functions ranging from a saloon to a hotel. The Wolf Store served as the heart of Temecula from 1860 - 1905.

The Cookhouse –

The residence of Louis Wolf eventually became the main cookhouse of the Vail Ranch. Built in stages between 1867 and 1914, the cookhouse was a place for people working on the ranch to gather.

The Bunkhouse –
The bunkhouse provided housing for up to 24 ranchers.

Vail Ranch New Opportunities -
Vail Ranch
The Vail Ranch Restoration Association is in the process of restoring the Headquarters into a place where families can gather like they did in the day of Louis Wolf.  For more information please visit The Vail Ranch Restoration Association