Junior Lifeguard

Are you not old enough to be a paid lifeguard?  This volunteer program allows teens the opportunity to be a trained in the basics of lifeguard safety.  Volunteers will assist staff with aquatic operations and acquire skills and experience that are helpful should they become employed at an aquatic facility in the future.

  AGE     11 - 15 years old
  FEE Resident $80; Non-Resident $90  [How do I know if I am a Resident?]
  DATES     Commitment during TVUSD Summer Break                                
  REGISTER     Sunday, May 22nd at the CRC
At the pool during the swim test (see below)

Program Overview

This American Red Cross Program is available to youth ages 11 - 15 years old who have the desire to learn about the responsibilities and duties of a lifeguard.  This class is designed to teach students basic rescue skills, first aid, CPR, and water safety.

This program does require a time commitment throughout the summer which generally consists of one meeting a week as well as assisting with two swim lesson sessions per week (usually totaling approx. 5 hours).  Junior Lifeguards are an important part of our Learn to Swim program which is why it is imperative that they are a committed part of our Aquatics Team.

At time of registration, all participants will be given a class schedule and volunteer availability form. Junior Lifeguards will be scheduled weekly to volunteer at all 3 of our locations based upon their availability.

Participants will have an end-of-summer party where they will receive an official t-shirt and a "Certificate of Dedicated Service" at completion of the course. 


To be a Junior Lifeguard, prospective participants must:
    -  Be 11 years old by June 1
    -  Be no older than 15 years old
    -  Be able to pass the swim test (see below)
    -  Be able to commit to a majority of the summer

SWIM TEST: Successfully swim 100 yards and tread water for one minute.


Registration - Sunday, May 22 at 1:30pm

Registration will take place on the day of the swim test.  You will need to fill out the registration form and bring a check for the applicable amount.
DOWNLOAD the registration form here.

The program is limited to the first 35 participants who successfully pass the swim test and meet all the requirements. 

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact us.