Transportation and Commuting

Today most people travel by private automobile. For many trips, this is an easy and convenient choice.
However, there is a need to consider other means of transportation if we are to prevent future problems on our streets and highways.

There are alternatives to the single-driver private automobile. Temecula's City Council and the Public Traffic/Safety Commission feel it is important to provide you with information about the alternative transportation options you may consider.

As a citizen, considering your commuting options is a responsible and civic-minded thing to do. Temecula has committed to making wise choices in where future transportation facilities will be located in order to insure responsible growth in the most logical areas and to encourage freedom from dependence upon private vehicles.

Below we have many sections for our residents to find information about transportation and commuting faster and easier.

Information about T-Now can be found here.


Use's on-line carpool-matching service for an instant list of potential carpool partners from Southern California’s largest commuter database.

Commute Cost Calculator

When you drive alone to work every day, you foot the bill for gas. Why not share the ride—and the expenses?


The Murrieta/Temecula Dial-A-Ride is a seniors and persons-with-disabilities only, advance-reservation service designed to provide curb-to-curb transportation.

Find Low Gas Prices

Gasoline prices change frequently and may vary by as much as 20 percent within only a few blocks.

Park & Ride Locations

Find Park and Ride locations in Temecula.

RTA Routes and Schedules

Learn about the Bus routes in Temecula offered by RTA.

T.R.I.P. Report

Find out what streets may be closed or impacted due to construction.


Vanpooling is a convenient and popular way to go, especially for people who work far from home.

Transportation Resources

Links to other helpful sites to help your commute.

Free Trolley: Harveston - Mall

FUTURE: High Speed Rail

Taxi Cab Companies and Rates