Trash and Recycling

The City of Temecula contracts with CR&R Inc. for trash and recycling services. CR&R provides the most cost effective method of trash collection with a state of the art recycling and green waste program.

Automated collection is an efficient and safe process for collecting residential waste and recyclables. Through the use of a mechanical arm operated by the driver, trash is collected quickly and neatly. Each home is furnished with three special containers which residents roll out to the curb on collection day.

Trash Collection Tips:
Collection Time
Bins should be placed at the curb or in the street by 6:00 am on your designated trash pick up day.  Bins should be placed no more than 24 hours prior to normal collection time and removed within 12 hours after collection.  Trash bins shall be stored out of public view.

Street Sweeping and Parking
All residential streets are swept by CR&R the day following the trash service day.  If trash service is provided on Friday, the streets are swept on Monday.  Please refrain from parking on the residential streets on both trash collection and street sweeping days in order allow CR&R to provide efficient trash collection and street sweeping services.

Holiday Schedule Trash Pick-up
This is a reminder that during the holidays your trash collection will be delayed one day. For example, if your normal trash day is Monday, your trash will be collected on Tuesday, etc. If your normal trash day is Friday, your trash will be collected on Saturday. Holidays will affect the street sweeping schedule, unless the holiday occurs on Saturday or Sunday. Holidays for the year are New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If any of these holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday, normal collection will be provided.

Christmas Tree Recycling
CR&R Inc., the City's franchised waste hauler, provides a Christmas tree recycling program for the residents of Temecula. CR&R will start picking up your Christmas trees on the first scheduled pick-up date after December 26th.  Please assist them by cutting up your tree and putting it into your green barrel. If this is not possible, please cut your tree in half and leave it near the green barrel. Trees must be free of ornaments, including tinsel.  All trees will be recycled into compost or mulch. For more information, call CR&R at 1-800-755-8112.

Green Waste Disposal
Residents with large yards or that are completing a yard renovation can order an extra green bin or “3-yard” bin on a temporary or permanent basis through CR&R.  To obtain costs and additional information contact CR&R at (800) 755-8112. 

Green waste can also be disposed of at the City of Temecula’s City Wide Clean Up envents held at Chaparral High School. 

Backyard Composting
Riverside County's Backyard Composting Program has been developed to aid the residents of Riverside County in composting their organic material, into a useful product and keep more waste out of our landfills. Check the above link for more information about the Master Composting Program and for workshop locations and schedule.

Household Recyclables
Residents can request and receive a FREE extra recycling bin, contact CR&R at (800) 755-8112 to order your extra bin.

Containers provided by CR&R must be used. Trash in other containers or on the side will not be collected. Containers are color coded to assist with collection.  Please place your refuse in the appropriate colored bin:

Trash                Recycling                Green Waste
 (Black)                         (Blue or Grey)                         (Green)

Bulk Item Collection - City of Temecula residents are allowed two free bulky item pickups annually. Please call CR&R at 800-755-8112 between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. to make arrangements in advance for the pickup.

Hazardous Waste - Under no circumstances should toxic or hazardous waste be placed in any of the containers! Batteries, electronics, thermometers, and fluorescent bulbs can not be placed in the trash.  Contact Riverside County Waste Management at (951) 486-3200 or for the next closest Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event.

Questions About Delivery Or Need A New Container - Contact CR&R at 1-800- 755-8112